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    May 13, 2013
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here's my senior prom picture. i love the red beading. >> it is your turn to share your awesomely bad or good prom memories with us. >> tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail and we'll be showing some every day for the next few weeks. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: gore kwrus pictures, ladies -- gorgeous pictures, ladies. good morning. it is monday, may 13. >> it wasn't just a tea party. the i.r.s. targeted people who, quote, wanted to make america a better place to live. >> i don't care if you're a conservative, liberal, democrat or republican, this should send a chill up your spine. >>gretchen: new information this morning. >>steve: guess who was
barely interviewed about the attack on our consolate in benghazi. hillary rodham clinton. wait till you hear why. >>brian: we've got a friend to interview from the cockpit. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: do you really need to turn off your phone? is it really going to afblgt the operation of the -- going to affect the operation of the jet aircraft? >>brian: okay, alec baldwin. now you're challenging. that's what he said. >>gretchen: the stuff i want to know is what are the signs you might be in trouble when you're on the airplane. >>brian: do you really need landing gear? can't we just skid right in? >>steve: generally you don't want to stick around for the ntsb.
>>brian: i'd rather go down that spiral rather than single file. >>steve: i was actually evacuated off an airplane where the front wheels broke off. >>brian: just you? >>steve: no. me and 185 other people after a trip from hawaii. >>brian: no wonder you see ablow every day. >>gretchen: maybe that's in my headlines. o.j. simpson due back in court today to plead for a new trial. lawyers call it a hail mary. he claims his reputation is so bad his conviction should be reversed and a new trial ordered. most people lose these motions. i started to say emotions. the former football great was acquitted of killing his wife and a friend in 1995. in 2008 he was convicted of stealing back his sports memorabilia at gunpoint in las vegas. he's serving a 9 to 33 year
sentence. >> back to the house where three women suffered a decade of horrors now boarded up to preserve evidence. officials want to keep it intact until the trial of ariel castro is over. dramatic new cell phone video shows police officers busting down the door of the house leading to the rescue of those women. the witness also snapped this picture of victim amanda berry clutching her daughter as she's led away by neighbor charles ramsey. >> the government has until today to appeal a new york judge's ruling to lift age restrictions on the morning-after pill. earlier this phopbgd -- month the f.d.a. lowered the age from 17 to 15. the justice department's failure to appeal the new york ruling would clear the way for over-the-counter sales of plan b to even younger girls. >> after 53 years in
journalism, barbara walters pulling the plug on her tv career. the 83-year-old expected to announce she's retiring next summer on the view this morning. those are your headlines. i guess those rumors are true. >>brian: now we'll see who else gets rotated off the couch. >>steve: on friday an american bar association meeting, there was a woman by the name of lois learner, the head i.r.s. tax-exempt organization operator. she said you know what -- to a question. we feel really bad, but we did investigate some people involved in tea party organizations, anything with tea party or government in their titles, and it sounded really bad. now as it turns out, it turns out there were more with groups with tea party or patriot in the title. take a look at this. >> issues that included government spending, government debt or taxes,
education to the public by advocacy or lobbying to make america a better place to live. any of those statements in the case file would then be scrutinized by the i.r.s. >>brian: or how the country is being run at all. those involve educating america on the constitution or bill of rights. that's a huge swath and an interesting target. the guy in charge of this was asked point-blank are you guys looking into these groups? no, absolutely not. did he know? was this being done at a level below him? was he just out of touch? was he covering for somebody? a low-level i.r.s. agent actually make sweeping decisions like this? >>gretchen: i think it's interesting because it parallels the other discussion going on in benghazi about lower-level people and whether the top people had any involvement. it seems to be a theme here potentially. that had politicians over the weekend very upset and it shouldn't just be republicans, democrats, independents. it should be everybody. >> i don't care if you're a
conservative, a liberal, democrat or republican, this should send a chill up your spine. this is something that we cannot let stand. it needs to have a full investigation. >> this is truly outrageous and it contributes to the profound distrust that the american people have in government. it is absolutely chilling that the i.r.s. was singling out conservative groups for extra review. and i think that it's very disappointing that the president hasn't personally condemned this and spoken out. >>brian: unless of course he knew about it. if he didn't know about it, he should be more outraged than anyone the i.r.s. is used for this purpose. but i don't know how upset he could be because these groups tend to go against a lot of the policies he implements. >>gretchen: remember when they had those protests on
wall street. what was that movement called? >>steve: occupy. >>gretchen: any way, were there any investigations into occupy wall street? that was, i guess, on the other side of the fence. were there i.r.s. investigations being done for that? >>steve: this is clearly against the law what they've done. what's interesting is they're trying to put this fire out. and in fact they keep going it was low-level people in the cincinnati office. yet the american center for law and justice is representing -- it's a legal outfit representing 27 different conservative outfits. and they say they got inquiries from i.r.s. offices all across the country, not just from cincinnati. all across the country. this thing is going to grow. you just watch. >>brian: if you're an i.r.s. agent making $80,000 a year are you going to let your career go by the board if you were just following orders or if you're the c.e.o. are you going to say i might as well destroy my
own career? meanwhile i was doing what i was told. the key is -- >>steve: the key is who came up with this great idea. we want to know who that person is and who told them that was a good idea. >>gretchen: this is the way many corporations -- i shouldn't say many -- but some corporations work. the underlings insulate the top. that's how it's been for decades. the same can be said about benghazi. you had admiral pickering on the sunday talk shows saying just that, saying it wasn't necessary to interview former secretary of state hillary clinton, the person at the top. they went to the underlings and said we found out enough information from them. this is status quo for the way a lot of top people are insulated. >>brian: he said if we
had questions we would have asked but we didn't have questions for her or secretary burns. let's listen. >> we interviewed secretary clinton, secretary burns and the deputy secretary. we briefed them on the report, told them where we were. it was near the end. we had plenty opportunity, had we felt it was necessary, all five of us to ask them questions if we felt it was necessary. >>steve: darrell issa, that runs the house committee that had the investigation last we can said hillary clinton is not a target. president obama is not a target. but you've got to wonder why they haven't talked to people like, for instance, national security advisor tom donelon. he is running the ship at the white house. why haven't we heard from him? >>brian: we heard from him when bin laden was killed. >>steve: keep in mind this guy is a former political advisor.
he worked at fannie and freddie. in bob woodward's books obama's wars, the secretary of defense at the time said donilon would be a disaster as national security advisor. >>brian: that guy was told to leave. >>steve: i was saying if don i lon was said to be a disaster, and there he is, you've got to wonder if his finger prints are all over this. >>gretchen: did you see the press conference where jay carney had to ask pointed questions for the first time with regard to benghazi, whether or not the white house had any involvement with that, specifically, regarding those talking points? abc had done a report that came out earlier in the morning that said those talking points had been edited as much as 12 times. so is the mainstream media now going to be continuing on with this story? it appears that they may be. here's a snippet from the
sunday show. >> clearly there's a credibility question that the white house has to deal with because it directly contradicts what they have said about this. >> a week ago mr. carney whose you feelness to this administration -- whose usefulness to this administration is diminishing rapidly -- this is a very live issue. >>brian: is jay carney being the fall guy here? we all know jay carney is a spokesperson for the administration. he is not setting policy. and that is one thing tony snowe said when he went to the white house, he said i'm not going to take this job unless you put me in the meetings. i'm wondering is jay carney in the meetings or is he getting handed talking points? this is destroying his career because he is contradicted on this particular issue four separate times as he down played what the c.i.a. was putting in the report, what they actually came out with, who was to blame for the conclusions that proved to be faulty. >>steve: any time there is a question asked of jay
carney and it is something prepared for, if you notice, he reads a card off the top of his lectern. he's got things he's supposed to say. he is just the mouthpiece for this administration. it is the job of the white house press corps to ask the really tough questions. it is interesting because people are starting to wake up in the mainstream media -- thank goodness. maureen dowd yesterday wrote the administration's behavior before and during the attack in benghazi in which four americans died was unworthy of the greatest power on earth. there were other people in the mainstream media going we kind of trusted these guys. maybe we shouldn't have. >>brian: pickering is pushing back hard. former secretary of defense gates yesterday came forward. he said if i was secretary of defense, i wouldn't have sent an f-16 over there because i was afraid shoulder fire missiles might take them out. that is why i would have held back. here's what they don't answer. how do they know it was a nine-hour attack. how many hours would it take to do something? let's say it was a 24-hour
attack, two-day attack? secretary of state gates, why is it okay for those four guys that sit on the top of the roof of an annex building and fight for their lives but an f-16 pilot's life would be more valuable? >>gretchen: i think one of the major questions is why the top-level people all have the same story that appears to be crumbling now. >>brian: what the secretary of state said to the father and mother who lost their son? we're going to put that producer in jail. >>steve: it turns out the talking points were a fabrication, and each time they changed it we got farther and farther from the truth. >>brian: is asking opportunities who have a 2.0 grade point average too much? if you live in one spate apparently. we'll -- if you live in one state apparently.
we'll explain. >>gretchen: stuart varney on tech. good-- on deck. good-- on deck. good morning, stu. join us at good-- on deck. good morning, stu.
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last year the i.r.s. commissioner assured americans there was no wrongdoing there. >> can you give us assurances the i.r.s. is not targeting political groups based on political leanings. >> absolutely no targeting. this is the back and forth that happens when people am ply for 501 -- apply for 501-4-c status. >>brian: stuart varney is here to weigh in. >> let's start at the very beginning. if you start a political group, you are tax-exempt so long as you do not target individual candidates. that gives you tax exempt status. all of these references to tax exempt status goes to the cincinnati office of the i.r.s. that's where the tax exempt proposals are vetted. turns out that they were specially treating any group with the name tea party or patriot or 912 in the title of their group.
then that was expanded. in january of 2012 that was expanded to include groups which are trying to educate people about the constitution or criticize the way the government is run. you get special treatment. you get real scrutiny if you're in that group. you're educating people about the constitution, and this is what happens to you? now fast forward to the present. we've obviously got a scandal on our hands, and michele bachmann says what about obamacare? what happens if you're opposed to obamacare? you try to educate the public about obamacare. you get an audit from the i.r.s.? the big picture is it's like richard nixon, you're using the administration, using the political apparatus of the administration to intimidate your political opponents. that's exactly what appears to have happened right here. >>brian: michele bachmann was ahead of the curve on this, now they're all caught doing this. my hope is, stuart, they'll have to play it straight on
obamacare because the world is watching what they're doing here. if media matters, do you think you're getting audited? >> how far does this go? groups with the name tea party, or patriot or 912. what about individuals? obviously conservative who oppose president obama, how do we know they weren't targeted for special treatment, a special look at how they make their tax returns? we don't know that. i'd like to know the truth. >>brian: we're not going to know the truth until we find out who told that cincinnati office to do what they're doing and then we'll find out how many people want to fall on their sword for somebody else. >> who knew when did they know and why did they start it? >>brian: varney and company 9:20 eastern time. >> navy seal shot down and killed by al qaeda.
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>>brian: police in new orleans searching for as many as three gunmen after 19 people including two kids were injured in a shooting on mother's day at a parade. the f.b.i. describing the crime as a flairup of street violence. accused dark knight shooter james holmes will plead guilty for insanities then have a mental health evaluation. gretch? >>gretchen: after the
raid that took out osama bin laden in 2011 the form erly seal team 6 became well known. then troops were taken down in afghanistan killing everyone on board. last week family members asked the administration for answers. >> the u.s. government and many high-ranking military people own more credit for the shootdown than the taliban. >> because preassault fire damages our efforts to win the hearts and mind of our enemy. so, in other words, the hearts and minds of our enemy are more valuable to this government than my son's blood. >>gretchen: karen and billy vaughn parents of the seal team member killed in that mission join me now. good morning. i know yesterday karen it must have been so tough for
you on mother's day and my heart goes out to both of you. >> thank you. thank you very much for allowing us to be here. >> thank you for allowing us to be here, gretchen. thank you. >> you're welcome. i know you have many unanswered questions. on top of losing that son -- i can't imagine that pain -- but then to not have the answers as to why must be almost impossible to get through a day. if i had to ask what the top three questions are that you want answers from our government, what would they be? >> one, gretchen, there were seven afghanistans commandos on the chopper which the military report states the names were different on the manifest. the men who died in the chopper crash were not the ones who were supposed to be on there. they were changed at the last moment. they were changed too late for them to be added to the manifest, which never happens. >>gretchen: i understand, karen, you have questions
about rules of engagement and how it affects what? >> gretchen, that night when aaron and the 29 other americans died, they came in to that zone with no pre-salt -- preassault fire. let me explain. in every cop movie what do policemen scream when he goes into a hot zone? cover me. they weren't allowed that benefit and i want to know why. they say in our documentation preassault fire, one in a million chance you get a chance for that. we asked them why and they said it damages the hearts and minds of the afghani. that is not acceptable. we were told along those same things, rules of engagement, we were told by people in the field that you have to basically be shot at twice in many instances before you are allowed to return fire. this is insanity. we don't deserve this as
parents. >>gretchen: i also understand you're questioning why they were going on this mission at all; right? >> absolutely. >> yes. we can't find out why, even in the 1,250 pages we have. people who were in theater said they don't know why this mission was spun up. and one man testifies that in over 400 missions, we've never done one like this. >>gretchen: do you both think there is something bigger here? are you suggesting that this mission was done for a reason, because so many people on this helicopter were from seal team 6? >> i won't suggest that, but we do need answers. and last night we had a team 6 recently retired call us, talk to us who knew aaron and the other guys. a high-ranking admiral told us that your son was comfortable with the way we were operating over there.
last night this guy said many times we passed each other on the second deck and the shooters would be talking to each other and say we know we're going to die in a helicopter crash because of the helicopter reviews, not special operations. he said we know damned well what's going to happen. we talked to each other all the time. he also said that we know that one day we're going to have a suicide bomber crawl on a chopper with us and we've talked to the higher ups about it, and when we talk to them about it, they say we're just being illogical, not going to happen. and he said because they don't understand the enemy. >> this is because of this ideology of working these forces together. navy seals have no business working with the afghani forces or training them. that's not their job. our son trained for years before he was allowed to go on his first deployment as did those others. by the time he reached tier 1, navy seals team 6 he should not be on training missions where he's being compromised by what could potentially be the enemy
because we know that all of these agencies are compromised. and it's very possible that something dasterdly went on that night. why are they continuing to let this go on? why are young men and women being slaughtered by people they call our friends? >>gretchen: we know you have many unanswered questions and we hope you can get those answers. thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends," infamous hoax ter at tawanna brawley getting the royal treatment now. why people are lining up to give her cash.
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[music] >>gretchen: this goes out to all the moms yesterday iny mother-in-law. this is a very special moment when we can showcase what we do when we're not sitting here doing "fox & friends," which is in my case being mom. here are my two kids kaya and christian, eight and nine years old. yesterday i spent about four hours at the church because it was the church musical for the kids. my daughter played the role
of mary that talks about when jesus was in the temple when he was 12 years old and my son was zechariah. congratulations to both of them. >>steve: at the doocey house we had a special mother's day. our daughter came back from college on mother's day. it was the perfect day for a reunion. now we're getting closer to being back together which is good which is what families with kids away from school look forward to. as kids come back summer can start. >>brian: we had a great mother's day celebration. however a police sketch artist canceled at the last minute. >>steve: police were involved in your mother's day activities again? >>brian: as usual. we had a great mother's day to everybody involved including my mom. >>gretchen: now let's do headlines. we have to tell but this story. homeland security officials say cyber attacks aimed at u.s. corporations are on
the rise. officials say hackers are trying to sabotage companies to seize control of operating system. the primary targets have been energy companies so far. officials say they don't know where the attacks are coming from but they seem to be somewhere in the middle east. >>steve: infamous hoaxter tawana brawley getting rock star treatment. people handed her wads of cash to fund legal costs. she is being sued by one of the guys she falsely accused of rape. why are they helping her? people say they feel bad for her. what about the guy she maligned? what about him? >>gretchen: cops in spain crawling on all fours on the rooftop of a building after a fugitive spotted sunbathing at a luxury resort.
when the officers were spotted he tried to make a run for it but he was caught and faces a long list of charges. >> is asking students with a 2.0 grade point average too much to ask? it may be in omaha. officials are worried their fields and courts may empty out if a plan to raise standards passes? they say 464 athletes or one in six students athletes don't meet that standard. >>brian: from high school sports to grown-up sports. here's what's going on. tiger woods back on top after a weekend at the players championship. he led most of the week and weekend. tiger finds his way out of the bunker into the green and then he would finish over the birdie. sergio garcia had a major problem with tiger woods because he said tiger woods was being rude and selfish
when he would hit the ball but not waiting for it when they played together. sergio choked big time down the stretch twice hitting the water at 17. he finished eighth. david lingreth a long birdie on 18? no go. tiger wins his second players championship, his 78th overall. he's already had four victories this year. for those who said this guy was done, they are wrong. tiger woods walks away with this. >>steve: i think it's official, he's pretty good. >>gretchen: i think that's true. >>steve: look at this incredible video. a tsunami of ice plowed into two dozen lakeside homes in central canada leaving behind a complete mess. the extraordinary event lasted just 15 minutes and forced residents to run for their lives. the snow is coming. >> i saw the ice just
coming, just moving so quickly. then the ice came right through the living room here. he said grab your coats, grab whatever you can. get the keys. we've got to get out of here. >>steve: that is as crazy as it gets. thankfully nobody was hurt in the freak disaster. >> check out this cell phone video. it captures a wave of ice blanketing backyards and threatening houses in minnesota. look at that. that's just crazy. >> maria molina joins us outside on the plaza where i do not believe there is ice. >> milder temperatures are expected which will cause that ice tsunami to be pushed over land. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect as far south as parts of
north carolina and tennessee. many will be waking up this morning and tomorrow morning to temperatures possibly below freezing. if you have plants outdoors, try to remember to bring them indoors. otherwise high temperatures well below average. 58 degrees for your high temperature in new york city. low 50's in cleveland. farther west, parts of the northern plains are actually talking about record high temperatures well into the 90's. 92 for your high in rapid city. 94 in north platte. the pacific northwest looking at the chance for severe storms. damaging winds and large hail being the main concern. for apple pie day let's head to brian and gretchen. >>brian: can't wait to see maria. where the heck is she? >>gretchen: about five feet away from you. the saying is american as apple pie. today is apple pie day and we're celebrating. >>brian: we have fun apple pie recipes you can make with your kids.
>> what better way to start your week. >>gretchen: hopefully we'll start with a baked warm apple pie. >> to celebrate national apple pie day we can start off, if you don't feel like cooking, you can get mrs. smith's deep dish apple pies. they have great toppings on them. the crust and filling is there and then you top them with great crumble and sauce and pretend like you made them yourself. or if you don't want to leave your house, schwan' also has apple pie. >>brian: this is for people who don't want to make apple pie at home? >> these are great to make with your kids. these are apple pie puffs. you take a premade pie crust -- i'm all about the easy and am giving away all my secrets. >>gretchen: you cut out the hearts. >> you cut out the hearts. you place a bit of the pie
filling on them here. then you put the other heart on top and you use these great little craft sticks that you can find at any craft store. you bake them up. good to go. >>brian: you don't want the crust, you don't want the mess. why not put it in a jar? >> these make great gifts especially for parents who have teachers' gifts to give. all you do is stick the pie filling into the mason jar, throw it into the oven with the pie crust on top. you can put the top back ofpblt you can cut out little designs with everything. >>gretchen: you brought liquor for brian and me? >> i did. >>brian: what is this? >> that's gin and apple juice. i was going to make something up but i figured that would be a little crazy for this hour in the morning. >>gretchen: yes. brian got in trouble on friday. what is this? >> if you really don't want to do anything, have your phone do it for you. foursquare has this amazing free app. i put in their search
engine. these are from crumbs cupcakes. apple pie cupcakes. >>brian: you can go to where you can link to your website, young married chick. >>gretchen: jimmy fallon taking over for jay leno. who gets jimmy's old gig? the name revealed. >>brian: will leaving your cell phone on really cause your plane to crash? confidentials straight ahead from the cockpit next. next. just don't tell anybody. bacon?! gotta get that bacon!
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>>gretchen: 47 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just waking up, quick headlines. anthony weiner will not get the clinton support if he runs for mayor of new york city. according to "the new york post" the clintons wish he would disappear. the source says every time he makes headlines it is a reminder of bill's scandal with monica lewinsky. >> saturday night live star seth myers moving to the tonight -- moving to replace jimmy fallon. >>steve: there are questions major airlines refuse to answer. here to spill the industry secrets, a pilot with over 30 years of flight
experience. he's just written a new book called "cockpit confidential: everything you need to know about air travel." good morning, patrick. why did you write the book? >> i wrote the book to first and foremost inform. there's a lot of just bad information out there when it comes to air travel. >>steve: let me ask you a couple of questions. first of all, in the beginning after they close the door, the flight attendant says you've got to turn off your cell phone and any electronic things. we imagine if the cell phone is off and we're taking off, we might crash the plane. do we have to turn off cell phones? >> people think there's this conspiracy and rules are arbitrary and it's part of the airlines hating everybody and wanting to tick off their customers. there's not true. there's a lot about electronic interference we don't know and there is plenty of anecdotal information out there that cell phones can interfere. there's at least two incidents, one in switzerland, one in new
zealand where they believe cell phone interference was the cause. i think a lot of this is a social issue. do you really want to be on a plane where there's 200 people talk? the airplane is often the quietest part of the traveling experience. as long as there's not a screaming kids. u.s. airports are so loud. there's layer after layer of p.a. announcements and the gate side tv screens. it's nice to get on the plane and chill out. >>steve: you just mentioned screaming kids. a pilot like yourself, you're kind of separated from the screaming public, but does it drive you nuts. because if i'm sitting next to one, even though i raised three, it gets under my skin after awhile. >> i don't want to make all the moms out there angry so i'll back away from that. >>steve: in the beginning of the flight, the flight attendant gives the safety briefing. do we still need to find out how to buckle a safety
belt? we've been doing that for 50 years, and those things take like five minutes and nobody is paying attention. >> what that briefing is a bunch of legal fine print come to life. i mean, there's a lot of good information there but it's so weighed down with extra language that it's hard to pick up. my favorite one is tampering with, disabling or destroying a lavatory spoke detector. doesn't tampering cover the whole thing. there's so much extra wording in everything that comes over that announcement. >>steve: on your next flight this is the perfect book to take with you to find out what's going on in the cockpit. it's called "cockpit confidential." patrick smith, thank you very much. >>gretchen: now you can't even close your own business without giving the government some money. next hour, more proof that we're living in a regulation nation. one animal shelter had a big, huge donation to save their business but a couple
of weeks they found out it was meant for a different shelter. should they have to pay the money back now?
we used to live with a bear. [growl] we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well,
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>>gretchen: a shelter with a mission to save one town's animals had been struggling financially. when it thought its money's problems had been resolved it learned a lawsuit was sent to them by mistake after being confused with another shelter. >>brian: should they have to pay it back? joining them is the founder of that shelter. susan, did you decide to pay this money back? >> we did. we sent it back to them. i think the lady who left it in their trust wanted it for collinsville, illinois. we respected her wishes.
>>brian: where was the misunderstanding? >> well, i got a phone call asking me to verify our address, and i verified our address, and they said they were sending us a letter that was going to tell us about a trust that -- we were part of a trust that we were getting. it went from there. they verified us. they called us and made sure we were who they thought we were. we did everything we were supposed to do. when we received the letter from them for the amount, i called them and said we don't know this lady. do you know how we're connected. they said no but that's not unusual for us not to know that. we filled out all the paper work, had it notarized, had our attorney look at it, send it in. and march 22 we got a check for $188,901 .03, and we nearly -- you know, what a blessing because it gave us the security to keep the shelter going. you never know from month to month if we're going to have enough money.
>>gretchen: a couple of weeks later you got the call, oops, this was supposed to go to a shelter that had a similar name and they wanted the money back. long story short, they're going to give you $12,000 of that money? >> the attorneys are going to get part of their fee for working with the trust and they're giving us $12,000 of that fee. >>brian: you're doing a great thing, saving dogs lives on a daily basis. people want to make up for that gap. go to www.www. >>gretchen: we'll link that to "fox & friends" as well. >> appreciate it. >>brian: straight ahead, new information about obama care. did you know where you live will make a difference in what you'll pay for drugs? we have the stunning numbers. >>gretchen: more on our top story, the i.r.s. targeting conservative groups. who made the decision and how is this allowed to happen? donald trump knows a lot about money and the i.r.s. he's here at the top of the
hour. >>brian: wonder if he was hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness... but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my healthcare professional... that's when she suggested the lyrica. once i started taking the lyrica, the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages rves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. for all the moms out there, i hope you had a fantastic day yesterday. it's may 13. i'm gretchen carlson. it wasn't just the tea party irs targeted. it's those who wanted to make america a better place to live? >> brian: general petraeus being thrown under the bus in the benghazi scandal, but among the first to blow the whistle, saying the talking points were useless. what are we about to hear from him? >> steve: we do. prince harry was there this weekend, but is he tough enough for our own anna kooiman? she's live at the warrior games with our nation's heros this hour. that is great. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now.
>> i'm donald trump and you're watching "fox & friends." if you turn the channel, you're fired. >> steve: he knows something about that. he fired two people last night. >> gretchen: yeah, right off the bat. we'll be talking to donald in just a moment. but first the headlines. video from said's shooting at a mother's day parade. you can see the large crowd gathered, then a man in a white shirt points a gun and starts firing. some people fall while others run for their lives. 19 people injured, including two children. police now look for this man and possibly two others. o. j. simpson due back in court today to plead for a new trial. lawyers calling it a hail mary. he claims his representation was so bad that his conviction should be reversed and a new trial ordered. most people lose their -- these type of motion. he was acquitted of killing his wife and a friend in 1995, but then in 2008, he was convicted of stealing back his sports
memorabilia at gun point in vegas. he's serving a nine to 33-year sentence. torture house where three women suffered a decade of unthinkable horrors now board up and fenced in to try and preserve the evidence inside. officials want to keep it intact until the trial of suspected abductor ariel castro is over. dramatics new cell video. watch this. this is police busting down the door of that house leading to the rescue of the victims. the witness also snapped this picture of amanda berry clutching her daughter as she is led away by neighbor charles ramsey. after 53 years in journalism, broadcaster barbara walters is going to pull the plug on her tv career. the 83-year-old expected to announce she's retiring next summer on "the view" this morning. she will remain executive producer of that show which she created back in 1997. we wish her all the best in retirement. i have a feeling she won't just
be sitting still. she'll still be working. >> brian: donald trump is with us. he also never sits still. are you against barbara walters retiring? >> no, i like barbara walters. she's a friend of mine. i was one of her ten people last season. it's a big honor. >> brian: that's great. >> she's great. i think she probably won't be retiring. she'll probably change her mind once she gets to that time. >> brian: has the irs ever targeted you? >> wow, i don't know. i've been reading about this. this is a big, big story that is probably going to get a lot bigger. this is a terrible thing. >> gretchen: for people who maybe were away for the weekend and not following everything, what's happening is that it's being revealed irs is targeting conservative groups. some of the key words they were look for, i think this is what's so chilling. words like first amendment, second amendment, tea party, patriot, people who wanted to in some cases make the country a better place. >> right. >> gretchen: what's so wrong with that and how scary is this
to you? >> just not supposed to happen. they have laws against it. if this were somebody else, this would be the bigger story. and maybe it will in fact be the bigger story. i've been watching it for the last four days getting bigger and bigger and even some of our liberal friends are sort of saying, this is really bad. between this and benghazi, benghazi had this come out like this before the election, you could have had a different rum. >> steve: absolutely. talk about liberal guys. it's on the front page above the fold of the "new york times." so that goes to show you how big it is today. donald, the people from the irs who have spoken and one of them already apologized on friday, said you know, these were just low level people in one office, although there is already evidence that it's from irs offices all across the country. do you really think it was just some low level guys who said, hey, let's really screw these conservatives by doing this? >> because it doesn't happen that way. that's not life. that's not the way it happens. this potentially could be a bombshell. we're going to have to see how this plays out overt next few
days. this potentially could be a major rocket. >> brian: because if it goes up the ladder? >> where does it stop? and does it stop like at the top person? where is it going to stop and if you remember, your friend richard nixon had some of these problems. >> steve: our friend. >> if they treat this group like they treated nixon, it's not going to be pretty. >> brian: let me ask you something, if you're the ceo of a company or you're the president of the united states, you should be just as outraged about this because it reflects on you. do you call on the president to step forward and say something? >> you know, they did doing that and so far he hasn't responded. i guess he wants to get his ducks in order, but he hasn't responded. it's going to be very interesting. next week at this time when we speak, i think a lot of things will come out there is no way this is low level. this is high level. >> gretchen: we were talking earlier about how this is -- i don't know if it's typical, but it's not surprising that in corporations or government, oftentimes the underlings take the hit for what the person at
the top actually did. so i find it interesting that not only with the irs story, but also with the benghazi story, it seems to be a central theme here. do you believe that really the people at the top of the food chain with regard to benghazi, i'm speak of the president maybe even -- secretary of state formally, hillary clinton, do you believe that they were responsible or really is the underlings as their people are trying to tell us? >> you have to remember and you have to put it in context, when this all came up, it came up just before the election. they didn't want terrorism because that would have made us look very bad because we defended it. we went in and we fought for them and remember i used to talk about the so-called rebels like gone with the wind, these rebels that we don't know who the hell they are. but they fought and we put a lot on the line for these people and then they went and killed and what they did to the ambassador hasn't even come up 'cause i've heard stories of what they did as they were killing him and after they killed him. and people don't even talk about that. so what happened is they didn't want this to come out before the
election because this could have changed the election. that's when you and i and everybody was so disappointed at the third debate when benghazi was brought up and mitt didn't really want to make a big deal out of it. this turned out to be a big deal. now, if this were now and the election were in a week from now, benghazi could have turned around the election as it turned out. it's turning out to be a mess. but they accomplished their goal. they wanted it to be kept on the low burners. now it's getting to be on the high burnsers. we'll see where it goes. on benghazi, it really didn't resonate very much and now all of a sudden it's resonating big league. had that taken place before the election, you could have seen a different result. >> brian: senator feinstein here goes out of his way to say yeah, that election is passed and this is rogers as well on "meet the press." the target might be hillary. listen. >> my concern is when hillary clinton's name is mentioned 32 times in a hearing, that a point
of a hearing is to discredit the secretary of state who has very high popularity and may well be a candidate for president. so i understand republicans had a grievance 'cause this happened a month before the election and every effort has been made to turn it into something that's diabolical. i don't see that. >> i doubt anyone can say we've been partisan or political in this. i do believe you have to have a fact-based investigation. i think that's what we're do. as a matter of fact, the people who testified, these are serious 20-year veterans, at least in one case, of the state department who felt so strongly, they wanted to come out and testify. >> steve: in particular, when he's talking about some of the people who were the whistle blowers, donald trump, gregory hicks is somebody who certainly doesn't have an ax to grind with hillary clinton because she voted for him -- rather he voted for her when she was running for president and in the primary, and then eventually voted for
barak obama twice. so you really can't say it's political. he just wants the truth out. >> this is a watergate teach scandal, to be honest. and the difference is people died here and really died a gruesome death. but this is the potential to be watergate. so it could affect the current president and it could very well affect -- i don't know, i think hillary has a big problem. >> steve: when you say it rises to the level of watergate, do you mean it's an impeachable event? >> it depends where it oilstones. the whole thing with e-mails, you find if you can get access and they don't want to give access to their records, to really important records, i think you'll see some things that will shock you. yeah, i'm saying it and i heard other people say it, this is potentially watergate with death involved. watergate didn't have death. this has the element of death. we lost great people here. due to imcompetence or stupidity or something, i don't know n a certain way worse.
>> gretchen: to clarify some of the e-mails members of congress have seen, but they haven't been released to them. who knows if there is other e-mails. the next part of the story, date petraeus. he was in charge of the c.i.a. occur this time. we talked about there were high level people, including petraeus and former secretary of defense, leon panetta, who seemed to go along with the whole benghazi story. and we were scratching our heads at the time wondering well, why would they potentially do that? what do you make of that and do you think general david petraeus, now that he's no longhorn with the c.i.a. and had that scandal, could come forward and end up being the good guy in all of this and telling what he knows? >> well, i think that's what he should do. i think it would go a long way to helping him because i've never seen anybody go from such a high to low plateau so quickly over something that obviously shouldn't have happened and the whole thing was a disaster. what's happened to his reputation. i think it probably could help
him very much if he tells the truth. if he's willing to tell the truth. let's see what happens. he certainly lot more than probably anybody else. it will be very interesting to see how he comes out. >> brian: here is the thing with general petraeus. he never signed off on those talk points. the guy under him did. number two, he got worried about the intercepts. the guys who killed our four guys were talking to other guys, we heard it. that's why it's so inconceivable the secretary of state would tell the family of those who lost their lives that we're going to crack down on that producer with this video. that's why it's so unthinkable the president would go on letterman and "the view" and say we're looking into this, we really don't know, when you had your c.i.a. say we heard them bragging about the killing. this is just a charade. >> you're right. after it all took place, it was terrible that it took place and it is inconceivable it could have and gross imcompetence and probably worse than that. but after all this happened, what did we do?
we should have sent in guys to knock the hell out of them. what did we do in we did nothing. >> brian: we know exactly where they are and who they are and where they're located. "celebrity apprentice" last night, fireworks, two down. let's listen. >> steve: spoiler alert. >> i think you've done an amazing job and you certainly are the comeback player of the decade as far as "celebrity apprentice" or apprentice is concerned. but penn has really been the star so far and i really do want to see him in the final. lisa, you're fired. his record has been better than your record. what i'm going to do is because i believe so much in what you're doing for diabetes, i'm going to give you an extra $20,000. i think you are absolutely fantastic, little john. but you're fired. >> steve: so you got rid of lisa and little john. this sets up the title against trace versus penn. this is going to be fantastic. >> next week it will be live and
they're two good guys. little john, i tell you what, that was a tough one because he was good. he was really good. >> gretchen: all right. >> brian: will there be another season? >> yes, there will. in fact, we're doing it right now. they've already sent me a check. usually a check means good things. >> steve: you're the only hit that nbc's got. they need 12 more shows like you. >> they have their up fronts today, we'll see how they come out. >> steve: donald trump joins us every monday, sir, thank you very much. see you next week. >> bye. >> gretchen: have a business you want to shut down? better be prepared to cut the governor in on your fireproof sale. more proof of a regulation nation coming up. >> steve: then when her navy husband deployed, she fills his seat at her dinner table with other heros. the story of how a community banded together to keep the smiley family together. they join us live very shortly on angie's list
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>> steve: if you're thinking of opening a business in milwaukee, you may want to think twice. the city not only makes it difficult to go into business, it makes it even costlier to go out of business. what's up with that? here to explain this week's most
ridiculous red tape, nicky neily. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: let me get this straight. so in milwaukee, if you want to go out of business, you've got to buy a license to go out of business? >> you need to purchase a license to go out of business and fill out a big stack of paperwork so that they know what inventory you're trying to sell. once you've done that, you need to pay a fee based on the length of your going out of business sale, as well as pay $2 for every $1,000 you get rid of. >> steve: a lot of people go out of business because they don't have any money, but they want money from them, right? >> yep. they're not good business people, but oh, well. >> steve: all right. let's move on to idaho. famous for potatoes and famous for eggs? >> yes. why did the chicken cross the road? to escape these awful regulations. >> steve: i don't blame them. >> in idaho, if you sell foreign eggs, you need to -- alt eggs needs -- all the eggs need to be
stamped with legible ink that says foreign eggs from, and state the country where it's from. >> steve: or somebody will get in trouble? >> yes. if they're not in the shell, the egg product means to be stamped, if you sell them in a store, your sign needs to be two inches or larger font that says foreign eggs, and again, if you serve any product that has a foreign egg in it, you also need to mark that. >> steve: thank goodness, 'cause people need to know. congratulations, that's stupid. in ohio, if somebody is transporting trees and this would include christmas trees, there is something very important they've got to do there, isn't there? >> yes. five trees or more or 100 pounds of boughs or more, you can be fined $5,000 or spend 30 days in jail if you don't have a bill of sale with you. >> steve: you got to have the invoice from the guy you bought the trees from, otherwise that
state is going to wind up with $1,000 in their pocket. you know, a lot of these rules sound like they are just ways to make money for the states of the cities or whatever. >> definitely. >> steve: all right. every week she looks at crazy regulations. nicky neeley joining us from the capitol. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: amtrak's books are off the rails. why they unveiling 70 pricey new trains today and who is going to pay for them? we're going to talk about that. then, when her navy husband was shipped out, she invited one guest a week for an entire year to sit at his seat at the dinner table. the awesome story of how that changed that family when they come on in to studio e. i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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>> brian: time for news by the numbers. $443,360, that's how much less working women make compared to men over a lifetime. they have o work 12 years in order to catch up. next, two, that's how many children beyonce and jay-z may have. new reports out say she's pregnant again and finally, 72 1/2 million dollars. that's how much "ironman 3" took in at the box you office. >> gretchen: it started as an idea to keep their tradition of family dinners together alive while husband and father dustin smiley was deployed. >> steve: and for nearly a year, his wife, sarah, and their three sons invited guests to sit in dustin's seat at the head of the table for dinner. they invited everybody from neighbors to celebrities and
athletes and started with the u.s. senator. >> gretchen: sarah smiley shares their story in a book. we're joined by sarah smiley and her husband, dustin, and their children, ford, owen and lendle. good morning to all of you. >> hi. >> gretchen: what i love about your family is that you had in place a tradition where you all ate together to begin with and then when dustin left to serve overseas, you thought, wow, how am i going to fill this seat? you came up with this idea. >> right. i knew from his other deployments that dinner time is the hardest time to be alone, whether you're military or for whatever reason that you're alone, it's a difficult time. so this time i decided we were going to fill his seat. >> steve: dustin, that must have made you feel pretty good because you're away from your family and yet you know once a week, somebody will be in your chair having a good conversation relating with your family. >> that's right. my biggest concern when i was deploying was how is my family going to be back home?
and being able to see that they were well taken care of, they had a lot of people look after them that helped. >> steve: the first guest was u.s. senator susan collins. >> yes. >> steve: the 17th guest, anita and frank. >> yes. >> steve: those were some of the most impactful guests, weren't they. >> yes. senator collins, right before that dinner, my mom said, do you have cloth napkins? do you have china? and i didn't. i didn't time for any of that. so i literally gave senator collins a paper towel to put in her lap. we had bottles of catch checkup. very casual. that was all i could manage. then our 17th deny better frank and anita, that was when things started to turn and i started to realize, this is less about us, it began of let's fill up our time and not feel so lonely burks around the dinner with frank and anita, frank was in assisted living and anita had advanced alzheimer's, i realized this is becoming more about community. i realized frank was lonely, too, even though his wife was
sitting next to him because she had alzheimer's. that's when i started to realize this isn't about us anymore and started to become about community and helping other people that were lonely. >> gretchen: i'm interested in hearing from the boys because i think some of the best conversations you had as a family were at the dinner table, right, where you heard about how hair day had gone and gave them advice and then they shared back. boys, maybe i'll start with you, ford. what did you gain from conversations with a different person at the dinner table every week? >> well, it was a different experience of learning from that person when they ask, they ask how our day went and dad had always asked how our day had went because it's kind of what you do. they had a different -- when
they talked back to us, they told us different things. it was nice to learn from a different perspective. >> steve: although i would imagine owen and lendle, it was a little scary the day mom invited your principal to come over and sit at the table, too, right? a little scary? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: you're too young to have done anything wrong yet. you told me other than your dad, 'cause i asked you who was your favorite guest and cute lendle said besides my dad, which was so sweet, who did you tell me your favorite guest was? >> r2-d2. >> gretchen: what about you, owen? >> besides my dad, which was probably my favorite, i'd have to say the boston red sox dinner >> gretchen: of course. what a fantastic idea and you put it together in a book. we want to mention, you're back home kind of, right? >> yes.
i do work in dc now. and get back home to maine as often as i can. >> steve: do you still have supper with just the paper napkin? >> oh, yes, of course. >> gretchen: fantastic idea and people should check out the book. great to meet the entire family. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead on this monday morning, brand-newut oba. did you know where you live will make a huge difference in what you're going to pay for drugs? the stunning numbers are coming up next. >> gretchen: and she's legally blind burks better than most athletes with 20/20 vision. this high school pole vaulter's story will make your day. right back [ male announcer ] house rule number 46.
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♪ . >> brian: shot of the morning. a florida family opened their door to find a eight-foot alligator on their porch. >> i thought my husband had bought one of those blow up alligators because he's a big prankster. >> brian: all right. go take the air out of him. as you just heard, the woman thought it was a mother's day prank until it started breathing. a gator wrangler was called to haul it back to where it belongs. we assume that's in the water.
>> gretchen: oh, my gosh. i would have fainted before anything. >> steve: by the way, if you want to donate to the ward wiseman animal haven g to wwah and you can help them out. >> gretchen: we featured this story. what happened is they got this huge donation of $188,000 from an estate to find out that it was a mistake. and now they have to give all the money back. if you're interested in helping them out, you can go to that web site. >> steve: very good. we got headlines here on the show. amtrak constantly in the red for decades, but that's not stopping them from spending big tax dollars on brand-new train cars. the amtrak is set to unveil a new fleet of cars today. they used over $460 million in federal dollars to help pay for the 70 new locomotives. but don't worry, amtrak promises to pay it back overt next -- over the next 25 years. >> gretchen: obamacare making cancer patients pay more for
medication and it could make a difference where you live. in california, cancer patients would pay up to 30% of the cost for the common cancer drug that turns out to be more than $2,000 for just a month's supply. in new york, there will be flat dollar co- payments for medications. the highest is $70 and apply to specialty drugs as well. brian? >> brian: scary ride to the prom for some illinois teen when is their limo bus driver was arrested for dui. 23 students was inside. he jumped a median and cut off three drivers, then tried dropping them off at the wrong hotel. the terrified teens called their parents and cops met them at the prom. >> we got out of the bus or whatever and he kind of was like stumbling and his eyes were really red. >> your expectation is what? >> that an adult is going to show up and take good care of your kids. >> brian: wow. he took a breathalyzer and arrested but blames mechanical
issues. a cop offer has teen a ride and ends up changing his life. the officer spotted christian felix walking late at night, gave him a lift home. she discovered he walks to and from his job six miles each way because no buses run during his late hours. she suggested riding a bike, only to learn felix doesn't own one or even know how to ride a bike. >> later talked to my husband about teaching this young man how to ride a bike and that we have an extra bike at home. we brought him to the precinct and taught him how to ride a bike in the parking lot. >> really something when someone comes off on the street and offers to do a kindness for you. >> steve: that is awesome. he also got a new helmet, a lock and let's hope a really bright light. right now he's busy practicing, so he can soon ride to and from work.!?.áq >> brian: finally, a blind pole vaulter in texas making a run at
the state championship as we look at sports. charlotte brown developed vision problems as a kid. her top vault was ten feet, six inches, not enough to win, but impresssive. >> right now it looks like a blur of light because i can't distinguish shade or color. i don't have any depth perception. >> brian: brown finished eighth in the tournament. other sports, tiger woods won his 78th championship on the pga tour with a wild weekend and a personal rivalry with sergio garcia. >> steve: all right. now let's take a look at some weather. growing concern for one neighborhood in the northern california town of lake worth. the hillside underneath it collapsing because of a lot of rain. look at this. house dangling on the edge. so far eight houses have been evacuated and ten more may soon follow. engineers believe water that has bubbled to the surface is playing a role in the collapse
of the subdivision. kind of like one of those stories. maria molina outside our building right now where no sink holes because she's standing on granite. >> thankfully no sinkholes mirror. but we are looking at chilly temperatures here in new york city. that's pretty much the story across the northeast, great lakes,í#óíd4 and as far south s of north carolina and even the state of tennessee. you're waking up to frost advisories, freeze warnings and even watches out here. that's because those temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark during the early morning hours. so we could be look at damage. unfortunately to any plants you may have left outdoors. expect the chilly temperatures to continue tonight and into tomorrow morning. so another chilly start to the day coming up on tuesday morning. high temperatures well below average. 58 for your high in new york city. 51 in cleveland. take a look at areas farther west. high temperature in the 90s for rapid city and that's a story as well across parts of nebraska, south dakota, north dakota. so many of you out here could
actually be setting some record high temperatures. parts of the pacific northwest, steve, gretchen and brian, could be looking at rough weather in the form of strong to severe thunderstorms. we'll keep a watch on that. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: special weekend for moms and kids from the new york city shelter system. they were treated to free food, music, gifts at the mother's day banquet hosted by the new york rescue mission. >> gretchen: kelly wright helped with the event. he joins us live now from washington with more. good morning to you, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. mother's day has come and gone, but a mother's work, as you know, is never done. chances are she is hard at work right now trying to help a lot of children. that's exactly what was going on over the weekend at the new york city rescue mission providing a banquet, a feast for some 500 mothers, plus their children. you got about 1200, 1500 people being served for free by this wonderful organization that has
been in existence since 1872. >> steve: kelly, does that mission serve that many women and kids every week? >> just about. over the past year, steve, they have provided housing for some 37,000 people, provided 180,000 meals. this is a wonderful organization that's really doing a lot of great work for people in need. not every mother, let's face it, is living well. if they're having difficulty living, at least the new york city rescue mission is there and there are about 300 missions like this throughout the country. but this one that i know of where it all began in the 1800s is actively involved and pro-actively involved in recovery and shelter. >> gretchen: we see you're helping out there as well. so knives you to do that. i know that you had a chance to talk to a lot of these women and so many of them must have heart breaking stories. >> they do indeed. but they also have stories about
hope. that's the key. that's what the new york city rescue mission and its volunteers provide, hope. that's why i enjoy doing this every year. i would challenge each and every one of you if you can, join me next year, thanksgiving or mother's day and here is what one mother said to me, followed by mrs. new jersey and new york city rockette. >> i'm a mother of four. it's lot of effort to raise kids. i'm very happy you guys invited us mothers here. >> especially in honor of our mothers this weekend, i think it's a tremendous opportunity to rally around the matriarchs of our family and really show our gratitude in so many ways. the women here, i think are truly deserving of that. >> my husband is an employee of the new york city rescue mission and he came here when he was going through some difficult times. they helped him out when he needed it the most. now he's happy and loving most and doing what he loves and in
turn, i get to help people. >> what a great story. you go through the new york city rescue mission and you end up marry ago rockette. >> steve: it's really nice you would do that and we've all donated time at homeless shelters and missions on holidays. it's not only a good thing to do, but really puts into perspective how lucky all of us are because we have what we have and so many have so little. >> so true, steve. so true. thank you for having me. >> steve: very nice job over the weekend. kelly wright down in our dc bureau. good job. >> see you. >> gretchen: coming up, the irs admits targeting groups like the tea party. how high did it go and how many others were targeted? that's what the tea party wants to know. the co-founder here next. >> steve: is anna kooiman tough enough o hang with our toughest heros? >> gretchen: first, the aflac question of the day, born in 1966, this singer gained fame with hootie and the blowfish? who is he? be the first to e-mail us with
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the first guy diagnosed with the disease in april has tested positive now. the virus killed 18 people since being identified last year. 200 pounds of explosives were not enough to bring down this old storage facility in australia. demolition expert high school to bring in -- experts had to bring in evacuators to finish the job. excavators, what am i talking about? gretch, up to you. >> gretchen: thanks so much. today. the irs now admitting it targeted conservative groups like the tea party as early as 2011. now the irs is apologizing. >> that was wrong. that was absolutely incorrect. it was insensitive and inappropriate. it's not how we go about selecting cases for further review. >> gretchen: well, so did they lie and play politics with taxpayers' lives? is that apology enough?
joining me is founder of the tea party patriots, jenny beth martin. good to see you. >> good to be here action gretchen. >> gretchen: so first things first, your organization, was it targeted? >> yes, it was. we applied for our 5101 c 4 and c 3 tax exempt status. we still have never heard back. the irs has asked questions of us, like they wanted to know every single post on facebook, every comment that any person who is a fan of ours on facebook had ever made, all the congressmen and senators that are supporters ever spoke to. very intrusive questions. >> gretchen: so you believe that they should now have to pay you back for all the lawyers you've had to hire, et cetera, correct? >> well, we're looking into that right now with our attorneys because it's taken a lot of time. it cost a lot of money. we've also had to help other groups around the country to do what we can to help them as they've had the same kind of
questions from the irs. a simple apology on a conference call is not enough by a long shot. congress needs to investigate this and find out how many more lies the irs is telling. >> gretchen: did you find it weird when you were trying to make these applications that you were giving all these questions? did you ever think in your mind wow, they're targeting us? >> well, i understand that when you're dealing with irs and you're making an application for a tax exempt status that you've got to make sure that you're following all the rules and all the laws. so i understand that. but the questions about the facebook post, what our supporters are saying, who they're talking to on capitol hill, the list of all of our donors, when donations are supposeed to be confidential, absolutely ridiculous. >> gretchen: if you believe that this was just the underlings out of a midwest office or did this come from the top? >> i don't know whether it came from the top or not. what i know is that there is no way it was a couple of low level
employees at a cincinnati, ohio location who had this much influence that could affect so many groups across the country. literally it was coast to coast, from california to south carolina and -- not every state in between, but many, many states in between who were filing for these applications. >> gretchen: wow. this is just one organization. we're talking to co-founder of tea party patriots. they were targeted by the irs. it's just the tip of the iceberg, i believe. thanks for being our guest. we'll probably talk to you again sometime soon. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up, the battle of our toughest wounded warriors and anna is there live. >> good morning to you. good morning to everybody at home. we've got some highlights from the warrior games, including some prince harry action and we'll learn how to ride with one leg like a wounded warrior. first on this day in history in 1978, yvonne elman's song "if i can't have you" hit number one. ♪ if i can't you i don't want
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>> steve: darius rucker is the answer to the aflac trivia question. katherine savage from san antonio in texas the winner. >> brian: the battle of our wound warriors, giving back to those wounded while serving our country. >> gretchen: it's called the warrior games and for many it's what helps them feel back to themselves again. it even got royal back. prince harry brought the spotlight to the warrior games this past weekend. >> steve: that's fantastic. our own anna kooiman is live in colorado springs with so much more. good morning to you, anna. >> good morning to you and to everybody at home. we spent the day with some incredible competitors here at the warrior games in colorado springs. we've got some sights and sounds and even a kiss from a handsome
prince. >> there we go. >> a royal start at the 2013 warrior games, ill and injured veterans compete not guilty seven sports -- competing in seven sports. >> they showed my life. now i'm here. the warrior games. >> events include track and field, sitting value i don't ball, cycling and wheelchair basketball. prince harry showed support for veterans, shaking the hand of every competitor before kicking it off. of the 200 competing wounded warriors, a handful even received their medals from prince harry. some even got some kisses. >> what do his lips feel like? >> tingly. we were so jealous. 'cause you're supposed to do the british thing. i'm like, what? >> so they had to teach you. i'm like, i don't mind, you want to practice again.
the best part is the athletes showing their families they're still rocking. when your dad acrossed the finish line what, did you say? >> go army! >> the father of the four-year-old is retired captain will reynolds. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how has the warrior games made awe better father? >> because whatever i'm putting energy into, whether it's physical fitness that shows me i can not only perform at a high level but also contribute to their sporting events or coaching them or any other activities i want to get involved in. >> whether it's playing in the backyard or boy scouts. let's get on the bike. you were injured by an ied while doing a ground patrol in baghdad. go ahead and cycle around and show everybody how you cycle with just one leg. i'll follow you. so your left leg is the injured leg. you're actually just pedaling with the one, right? >> correct. >> is your bike adapted at all? >> my bike has special cranks
that i use. cyclists use different equipment. the bike i use let's each pedal use the drive train. >> that's it from us. back to you. >> steve: thanks. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. is coming in and going . so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week, this month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like never before, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo. a suite of online tools that lets you turn insight into action. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. to all the moms, i hope you had a great mother's day yesterday. today now is monday, may 13. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for share your time. targeted by the tax man, the irs going after americans who dared to criticize government spending and waste. will the government get away with that? the brand-new details straight ahead. >> steve: and she was the leader of the pack, but that didn't seem to matter to those running the investigation behind benghazi. we're talking about hillary. >> had we felt it was necessary, all five of us to ask them questions, we didn't believe that was necessary. >> steve: really? they didn't think it was necessary? we got more on the fallout over benghazi straight ahead. >> brian: do you think you can
dance? millions of americans certainly think they can. we try often, but we actually do not make the cut and i don't mind being cut. our guest decides how many rhythm we have. >> steve: there you go. >> brian: if i hold out long enough. >> a gretchen video? >> gretchen: no, i'm sure there is not. >> steve: oh, darn it. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is bob eubanks, you're watching "fox & friends." whoopie. >> steve: i remember the time you had your neck tie around your head was the time they accidentally put the cash bar in the back with the open keg. >> gretchen: i had a dance-off with laura ingraham. remember that? we had a dance-off and i'm sure that there -- i think i did the bump one day with peter johnson, jr. >> brian: that is tough, the bump. >> gretchen: you want to have the same person the same height,
'cause otherwise it could be hitting you in a different area. >> brian: right. it could be an oblique. >> gretchen: exactly. >> steve: we'll be talking about dancing, plus "american idol," they're going to fire everybody. >> brian: that will be a happy finale. >> steve: what about ryan seacrest? will he stick around? he's the biggest name in show business. so everybody out but ryan. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines now because overnight, new orleans police releasing this surveillance video at a shooting at a mother's day parade. you can see the large crowd and a man in a white shirt points the gun and begins firing. some people fall, while others run for their lives. >> when i see everybody scattering, people falling, i ran inside and i shut my door. >> my husband and my daughter were on their way home. my five-year-old witnessed the people being shot. when she got home, she ran inside the house and she asked hi to close the door. she did not want the people coming in after her to shoot her. >> gretchen: 19 people injured,
including two children. police think there might have been three gunmen. so far no arrests have been made. o. j. simpson due back in court today to plead for a new trial. lawyers calling it a hail mary. he claims his representation was so bad, his conviction should be reversed and a new trial ordered. most people lose these types of motions. he was acquitted of killing his wife and friend in 1995, but then in 2008 convicted of stealing back his sports memorabilia. government has until today to appeal a ruling to lift age restrictions on the morning after pill. earlier this month the f.d.a. lowered the age from 17 to 15 and made it available on store shelves instead of behind the pharmacy counter. the justice department's failure to appeal the new york judge's ruling would clear the way for over the counter sales of plan b to even younger girls. "saturday night live" star
seth myers taking over for jimmy fallon. he's moving on to the "tonight show" in a bid to appeal to younger viewers. myers has been with snl for 12 years. plans to stay through its fall season which ends next december. and those are your headlines today. >> steve: it's worse than we thought. the news broke on friday that apparently the irs -- we don't know who at the irs thought this was a great idea. they were targeting conservative groups. if you were applying for tax exempt status with the irs and in particularw0d] we heard on y if you had tea party or patriot in your title, they were going to let you have it. now as it turns out, this is much wider as most scandals grow, this is one. >> brian: 298 groups were selected for special scrutiny. 72 had the horrible word tea party in their title. 13 had patriot. now we know ex expanded. if you criticized your country, you were targeted and if you had as one of your mottos and goals
with your company, educating americans on the constitution bill of rights, then you got targeted as well. >> gretchen: that's amazing. here are other ones, issues include government spending, government debt or tax, education of the public by advocacy, lobbying to get this one, make america a better place. >> brian: how dare you. >> gretchen: statements in the case filed criticized how the country is being run. so if you had the audacity to use your first amendment right to question the government, then you apparently were on this list. but to me, the headline in all this is was it really a cincinnati, midwestern office? was it really the underlings within the irs, no offense to people who work under the people at the top, but were these kind of crucial and important decisions being made by the people underneath, or is it as it sometimes is the case when yohe person at the top, that that's where you place the blame? >> brian: the president is for workingúqç americans. he understands what people are like to work their way up and not getting their fair share. so if you're an underling and
sitting there taking the barbs and arrow when is you're just following orders if you're just following orders, you should be encouraged by the president and his election to stand up and say, listen, i was just doing what i had to do to keep my job. >> steve: sure. who exactly thought this was a great idea? it wasn't just cincinnati. as it turns out, there's an item out there that the american center for law and justice represents 27 different conservative groups and they say they not only -- the organizations not only got notices from cincinnati, they got them from all over the country. here is what's interesting, we heard from this woman who works out of the cincinnati office on friday. we're really sorry. it was inappropriate. >> brian: lois? >> steve: yeah. here is the thing. as early as 2010, the irs was scrutinizing groups, then lois learner saw it in 2011 and then in 2012, the commissioner was asked on capitol hill, is this hang? and he said no, it wasn't. even though they knew clearly it
had been happening for two years! >> gretchen: the otherig the whe house knew about this. jay carney has been asked about it. i don't know if he's given a definitive answer back to that question or not. here is a woman who we just had on the show. she had tea party and patriots in the name of her organization, probably investigated doubly. here is jenny beth martin. >> we applied for our 501 c 4 and c 3 tax exempt status. we still have never heard back. the irs asked questions of us, like they wanted to know every single post on facebook, every comment that any person who is a fan of ours on facebook ever made, all the congressmen and senators that are supporters ever spoke to, very intrusive questions. a lot of time it costs a lot of money. a simple apology on a conference call is not enough by a long shot. congress needs to investigate this and find out how many more lies the irs is telling. >> gretchen: not only were they investigated, but i think it
sounds like there is a deliberate effort to make sure they didn't get that charity status. the 501 c 4 status, which would be they could not then fully function and operate. so it could be more than just investigating them. it could have been trying to stop these organizations from forming. >> brian: by the way, the first time i realized the irs was not perfect, the odd couple, 1975. they investigated felix, oscar wasn't filing for years, yet they haul felix in. >> steve: but they were roommates. >> brian: we're going to show it the whole next hour. >> gretchen: fantastic. >> steve: this also does not make any sense. remember the benghazi scandal -- and by the way, it is a scandal and john mccain yesterday said it was a cover-up as well. it all had to do with things that happened inside the department of state. the state department headed up by hillary clinton, right? now, the democrats are saying, look, the republicans are trying to make this a political thing. i don't know, some maybe, but don't most people just want to know exactly why those four
brave americans died? admiral -- ambassador pickering was one of the fellows selected for the accountability review board. in other words, they install these people to take a look at what happened. extraordinarily, they did not interview on the record hillary clinton, the woman in charge, the ambassador explained it this way on cbs. >> we interviewed secretary clinton. we interviewed secretary -- deputy secretary burns and deputy secretary nighties. we briefed them on the report. we told them where we were. it was near the end. we had plenty of opportunity had we felt it was necessary, all five of us, to ask them questions. we didn't believe that was necessary and i don't see any reason to do so now. >> steve: they're kind of playing word games because apparently he said we met with hillary clinton. did they interview her with a note taker? no. that's important. >> gretchen: and i also think that it's not maybe just the
state department. i mean, when you really flush out this whole story, it's still not known what the white house's involvement is with regard to who directed susan rice, the ambassador to the un to give those talking points. who was in that special meeting that saturday? still a lot of unanswered questions. >> brian: the last thing on that, this guy hicks, was talking to her at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. didn't he tell you at 2:00 o'clock in the morning, the night of the attack that this was an attack, not a spontaneous demonstration after a video because obviously if you saw the testimony, that wasn't it. let's move on and continue about this story. what's going on at the white house at this time? pictures are emerging of where is the national security advisor? where is tom brennan, for example. then where is tom donnellan? you would think they're the ones who came out after bin laden was killed. they'd be the ones who go on the sunday shows. they'd be the ones advising the president on something of this
nature. turns out he was there. he just didn't show up publicly. there he is the night in the oval office, the night this all took place, 9-11-2012. >> steve: what exactly has his role been? remember -- he was a political operative for a while and one of the guys that fannie mae and he's the guy in charge of national security for the white house. that's extraordinary. >> brian: he is in charge of the middle east and north africa. so you would think that he's there and they wouldn't put ambassador rice out there to explain to the american people what happened when talk to the guy in charge! >> steve: when jim jones left that job, he said that tom donnellan's lack of overseas experience, he said, quote, you have no experience with the overseas military. a lot of people feel that guy is the national security and yet he was during benefiting. what was tom donnellan's role? we want to know. tom, give us a call.
>> gretchen: and it's interesting that some reporters now, more reporters want to know what the president was doing that night. they had a relatively heated press conference with his spokesperson, jay carney, on friday. so what has made the media start to become interested in this story is my first question. and number two, the talking points. and jonathan karl from abc was one of the first people who picked up on this to her and he broke the story on friday that those talking points were edited 12 times. >> steve: because jay carney said just once. that's a lie. >> clearly there is a credibility question that the white house has to deal with because this directly credits what they have said about this. >> a week ago, mr. carney, whose usefulness to this administration is diminishing rapidly, a week ago he said benghazi was a long time ago. this is a very live issue. >> brian: jay carney is the one
that gets thrown under the bus each day as if he's making the policy. >> steve: somebody writes the answers, when somebody asks this question, you say that. it's time for the main stream media and the white house press corps, come on, ask a lot of these questions. let's ask about the irs, too, because that blatantly looks completely against the law. and it's chilling. so let's see if we get more answers. >> gretchen: here are some of the e mails. it's like blame ago postman for delivering a pitiful information. >> brian: if jay carney is willing to destroy himself, says sky v, for this administration, let him. >> steve: allall right. i got a feeling there will be a briefing later today. meanwhile, navy seals shot down and killed by the taliban. two years later, family members still looking for answers. >> very possible that something dastardly went on that night and we want to know if it did. >> steve: possible. why can't this family get any
answers? that straight ahead. >> gretchen: brand-new to the job, but this freshman lamarck making waves with the administration. and it's all to protect you, congressman richard hudson next.
>> brian: our next guest is making waves with the administration. it's all to protect you from obamacare, so to speak. richard hudson is from north carolina. what's your problem with the
implementation of obamacare? >> obamacare is a bad deal for the american people. it's going to destroy our health care system. but also costing jobs right now as employers realize what the implementation will look like, even max biocox, the senator who repped right the bill said it's a train wreck. >> brian: when which is a little scary because he should be his biggest advocate. but he's retirement. i don't know if it's reaction. but first off, you say when you walk around and talk to people, especially in the service industry, what do they have to do by january 1? >> the obamacare is fully implemented january 1, even though the regulations haven't been written yet. brian, we've got 33,000 pages of regulations that they've already written. if we stacked it up here, it will be seven feet tall. we still don't know what it's going to look like. >> brian: what you're doing, there is an employee hours regulation, a mandatory enroll regulation. but i thought there was supposed to be a time period in which employers can decide what they're going to do. how are they going to react in terms of total employees and in
terms of insurance plan. >> there is a problem. there is a provision called auto enrollment. i've got a bill to repeal that and what -- there is a regulation that says employee has time to decide whether they want to be in the health care plan, but this regulation tells employer day one, you got to enroll all your employees and so if you run a restaurant or retail place, a lot of your employees move in and out of the job, you might have young people on their parents' insurance, you might have folks on their spouse's insurance them don't get to decide whether they're enrolled. they're automatically enrolled. >> brian: when you talk about paperwork, but this paperwork when these insure -- when the people that put you in office say, how do i deal with this, what do you tell them? >> it's frustrating. i don't know the answers either. the federal government, the people writing the regulations for obamacare and hhs don't know the answers. i talk to business people every day and lawyers, plural, can't fem what my health cost this year is going to cost. this is causing job creators to sit on money.
>> brian: so that will affect the economy. i think a lot of people listening thinks republicans are against obamacare, democrats are for it. i think that line is blaring right now. people are getting panicky because they have no idea what it is. >> at this point, we need to worry about individuals. we need to worry about these business, the jobs. we need to find ways to slow this thing down, to chip away at it. ultimately we want to repeal it. that's what the vote this week in congress is all about. we're going to vote to repeal it and then we want to replace it with real health care reform. >> brian: what day would that be? >> wednesday or thursday this week, we'll be voting. >> brian: heck of a rookie year. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: it will be a crazy thing up until january 1. coming up, the u.n. has a new solution to fight hunger. hey, all you starving people, go and eat bugs. we're not kidding. then money, the number one reason couples fight. four simple ways to make it stop. first, get rid of all of it. start from zero ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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>> steve: time for headlines. the cleveland torture house where three women suffered a decade of unthinkable horrors now boarded up and fenced in to preserve it as evidence. officials want to keep it intact until the trial of suspected abductor kidnapper ariel castro is complete. and anthony wiener will not get the clinton support if he runs for mayor of new york city. according to today's new york post, the clintons wish wiener would disappear. source says every time he makes headlines, it's a reminder of bill's scandal. with monica lewinsky and it's not helpful if hillary runs for president in 2016.
so there. all right, gretch to you and brian. >> gretchen: i hate to be debbie downer, but apparently the honeymoon is over and along with marital bliss can come bills. what can you do to avoid them. >> brian: joining us is founder of betterment investment. there are things we should avoid in order to get along better when it comes to money? >> absolutely. this is a good time to be talk about it because it's wedding season. eve got a wedding next weekend. it's timely. >> gretchen: you recently got married yourself. so now you've become an expert? >> exactly. >> gretchen: you say the first thing is joint bank accounts. it has to do with trust. why? >> that's right. so we have four tips to marital and financial bliss. the first is joint accounts. trust is very important. 40% of americans say that trust about financial issues is more important than honesty about infidelity. it's really important to have
trust. a joint account helps establish that trust. there is a popular system called a three pot system where you have one joint account where your paychecks go in, big shared payments, like mortgage payments or rent come out of that. then you have separate individual accounts for your private expense. >> gretchen: i like the idea of having the separate one, because i think both parties want to have a certain sense of independence, too, right? >> exactly. it can help with the next step, which is budgeting. so if you already have those accounts set up, it's easy to transfer money into them and automate a budget for yourself. if you want more detail about your budget, you can go and use a tool like or something like that. >> brian: so that will make it automatic. savings plan. in the big picture, where should you be putting that money? there used to be the days where you had the passbook you and fill that up. that is with an eighth of a percent interest, that's not happening. >> right. savings plans are super important. one of the hardest parts for newlyweds. the important thing is setting goals. there may come a time in life when you have a rent payment to make, you're thinking about making a down payment on a house, you want a vacation and
trying to put a kid through college at the same time. you don't want to have to dip into retirement savingses to do that. start automated savings. >> gretchen: so you're talking about the retirement planning. so so many people have 401(k)s, some who are lucky enough to have a pension. but is there something else that we can be doing to think about down the road when we're a little older? >> absolutely. starting early is what's really important about retirement. if you start today, you start maxing out your 401(k) at work, if you have one, that's the best thing you can do. if you do have a 401(k), look at fees. there's a great piece on "frontline" a few weeks ago that explores the fees in 401(k)s. if you're aware of them, you can avoid them. you want to be conscious of them. >> gretchen: john stein, betterment, helping us get along with our spouses. >> brian: right. >> thanks. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, is asking students o have a 20-point -- 2.0 grade point
average too much to ask? >> gretchen: then, you are think you can dance? there is some of the video. oh, my goodness. you asked for the video and i'm scared that you did. >> brian: you know what? now you have to go live it. >> gretchen: here to help us -- >> brian: she might realize we can't and she might go somewhere else. >> gretchen: yeah. you hurt my feelings, todd.
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ask your doctor about e only underarm low t treatment, axiron. ♪ one way or another ♪ i'm gonna find you ♪ i'm gonna get you ♪ . >> steve: yeah, got you. shot of the morning, a man in minnesota, 65-year-old guy was out walking his dog. witnesses say the ground just opened up. crews say the area is safe. the guy was treated for bumps and bruises, but he thankfully is okay. >> brian: you fall in a sinkhole, you're having a bad day. >> gretchen: all right. something else that's unpredictable, the weather picture. good morning, maria. >> good morning. we do try to do our best with the weather, but sometimes we get to see some surprises with the weather and a big surprise is how chilly it is this morning across parts of the northeast, great lakes, and even down to parts of north carolina and tennessee. we're talking frost advisories.
some of you heading out the door this morning and seeing frost on your car windshields, you need that scraper. we expect another chilly start to the morning as we head into tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. you still need a jacket here from the northeast into the great lakes. high temperatures well below average, only 50 in the city of cleveland. 58 in new york city. take a look at areas farther west. much hotter, possible record setting high temperatures, 92 degrees for your high temperature in rapid city. 94 in north platte. a very hot day across northern plains. hot day, shorts and a t-shirt. otherwise parts of the pacific northwest dealing with rough weather, possible severe storms today, damaging wind gusts and large hail being a main concern. steve, gretchen and brian, back inside. >> steve: crazy day. if any day that it's warmer in rapid city, south dakota than it is in -- >> texas, oklahoma, florida. >> steve: hawaii. crazy. thank you. >> gretchen: something else that's a little crazy is could it be a cover-up for some of the
seals? 17 seals were killed, members of seal team 6 back in the summer of to 2011 -- 2011 when their helicopter was shot down. some of the parents say there are so many unanswered questions still. from the white house, they want to know exactly why were their children on this mission, number one? what actually happened? will they ever get the answers to these questions? >> brian: wrong chopper of the bailout rangers who didn't need help and there were too many people on it. you talk to one of the -- actually both parents this morning, they are demanding answers now. >> the men who died in the chopper crash were not the ones that were supposed to be on there. we want to know why they were changed at the last moment. >> by some commander who is yet to be named. what does the police scream as he goes into the hot zone. cover me. they weren't allowed that benefit. >> the shooters would say, we
know we're going to die in a helicopter crash. one day, we're going to have a suicide bomber crawl on a chopper with us and we've talked to the higher ups about it and when we talk to them about it, they say we're just being illogical. it's not going to happen. and he said, because they don't understand the enemy. >> very possible that something dastardly went on that night and we want to know if it did. >> brian: when everyone made it clear seal team 6 was the one that killed osama bin laden, they should have been protected. instead, they were exposed. >> gretchen: she was talking about karen vaughn, was that seven afghans who were on that helicopter that went down apparently, they were changed at the last minute before it took off. so in other words, the roster of the people on that chopper were not exactly who was there. so why were those seven afghans taken off? there are so many unanswered questions. in the meantime, now the rest of your headlines for monday. obamacare making cancer patients pay more for medication. it depends where you live.
what state you live in. california, for example, you would pay up to 30% of the cost for the common cancer drug that turns out to be more than $2,000 for a month supply. in new york, there will be flat dollar co- payments for medications. the highest, $70. and it would apply to specialty drugs as well. >> steve: is asking students to have a 2.0 grad point average too much to play sports? it might be in omaha. school officials are worried their fields and courts may empty out if a plan to raise the standards to 2.0 passes. they say 464 athletes or one in six student athletes don't meet that standard. it would be slim pickings if they did that. >> brian: you got to keep a c. and the u.n. has a new solution to fight hunger. bugs. the group says insects are an underutilized source of food and nutrients. almost lean as red meat.
now they're everywhere in short supply. 2 billion people eat insects as part of their daily diet and it doesn't stop with bugs. scientists looking for nutritional value in spiders. >> steve: they got eight legs. chickens only have two. >> brian: after i have three, i'm full. >> gretchen: okay. i'm not going to do it. >> brian: do you think you can dance? >> gretchen: that's a great question. [ laughter ] >> that was an amazing segueway. now let's dance. >> steve: here is the host! >> gretchen: you would much rather dance than eat bugs? >> yes. i don't need an intro. they just lock me in the cupboard and wheel me out. >> steve: we wheel her out whenever they're going to have a new season. you start tomorrow night, right? >> yeah. season ten. >> steve: i think it's great. this next season it's all going
to be square dancing. fantastic. >> the detroit hit roll that we've got. >> gretchen: what? >> it's kind of quite a little bit raunchy. a little bit raunchy and mary gets involved with the whole thing. >> brian: i don't think raunchy has any place in dance. >> why? >> brian: i just feel it doesn't. >> do you think it's an art form -- >> brian: how dare you mock the host? i had a great intro, we had sound and everything, then you come out here, cut us off, you redirect the whole interview. how do you live with yourself? >> you know what? i don't know. i just do it for the medium of dance. [ laughter ] the only thing that brings me joy. >> gretchen: so do you have to bes skilled, since you're the host, do you have to be as skilled in the dance category as well? >> no, no, no. i never -- you know, i've never, ever danced. i think i was taken to dance lessons when i was about seven. i was taken to ballet to turn me into more of a little girl. >> steve: were you a little swan? >> no. i moved much -- i was much more
interested in climbing trees and catching frogs and all that. it's a -- i can't believe we are still going. >> steve: what's going to be different about this season? >> there aren't many major seasons. we try to refresh the show as much as possible. so we're going to keep getting the different judges in 'cause that worked so well for us last season. we had lady gaga and katie holmes, so we got great people coming up as judges 'cause it changes up the dynamic -- dynamic. >> brian: and wayne brady? >> wayne brady, minnie driver, some great guests. >> gretchen: one of the things that makes this show different than other morning shows is that we're very self deprecating. we know how to make fun of our self. take a look at this video and see if any of us would have a chance on your show. ♪ . >> and open cross. >> steve: they didn't teach you the open cross.
>> that's not fair because you didn't have pom poms. >> brian: thank you very much. >> steve: that's the only thing? >> that was it. hold on. you can't even see them. that's a bit of head nodding. i like that. that's the thing that i do. >> steve: what about chair dancing. >> air punch. i like the air punch, too, with the lip. >> gretchen: the lip? >> the lip gives you a little bit of oompf. >> steve: a little attitude. >> brian: eeven called from seinfeld -- elaine called from seinfeld, said you're a bad dancer. >> we just say, you shouldn't do it professionally if you're a bad dancer. if you're a bad dancer and you just really enjoy t hell yeah, go to town? of tucker carlson, who works on this program on the weekend, he was on one of those dance shows. he did okay for one episode. >> steve: for the other one. >> did he do okay? >> brian: no, he got out the first week. >> steve: i think he was the first one voted off the island. >> brian: do you believe if you can't win, you shouldn't try? because i believe that.
>> no. it's about the journey. >> brian: really? >> yeah. >> steve: not everybody can be an olympic athlete. >> brian: then don't try. >> gretchen: come on. in this entitlement generation, everyone does get a trophy. so when you watch shows like "cats," you find out life is like competition. somebody has to win and lose. >> brian: finally, has america embraced you? i know you were concerned. >> they have. they've embraced me wholeheartedly and given me a big old french kiss of a smooch. >> brian: fantastic. americans giving french kisses. [ laughter ] >> french kissing in the usa. you can catch the premiere of season 3 tomorrow night, may 14 at 8:00 p.m. east coast, 7 central. >> brian: very nice. [ applause ] >> gretchen: we'll wheel you out in six months. >> brian: no bugs.
>> gretchen: coming up, they refused to let their injuries stop them. more than 200 of our service members competing in the warrior games and they've recuperated our own -- recruited anna kooiman to help. >> steve: first, wake up, america. the irs is conservatives and somebody is changing the benghazi talking points. peter johnson, jr. on why both so dangerous. he's next did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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>> steve: the irs targeting conservative groups to the distorting of the benghazi talking points, is it safe to say we can still trust our government? peter johnson, jr. joins us live. what do you think? >> steve, this week we learned through the benghazi talking points changes that our white house didn't trust any of us enough to tell the truth. and our government's tax man dislikes some of us enough to target tea party organizations who dared to advertise the bill of rights, the constitution, and patriot in their names. and if you get too upset about the culture of deception and nixonian abuse of power, don't claim that you're worried about truth, justice or the american way. you're just a partisan politician. and maybe even more dangerous than the terrorists who are
still on the loose from benghazi. it's not bad enough that the administration ignored the warnings, did nothing and four brave americans died. it got worse when the government spent 12 drafts trying to figure out how not to tell the truth about an obvious terrorist attack and another eight months trying to hide the deception. and now our administration is loath to name the terrorists. they are, though, happy to say that the irs knows who the real enemies of the state are. those who dared to criticize how, quote, the country is being run, unquote. chilling doesn't describe the shock, and former congressman said yesterday here on fox, the tone is set at the top. the last week is seeing how truth and political enemies are targeted when government speak renames domestic terror as workplace violence, when a culture of deception is excused as bureaucratic infighting, when
tax terror reigns, will we, congress and the courts allow the words, we the people, to become a mark of suspicion rather than our unique american badge of honor? it's scary stuff, steve. >> steve: it is. >> it's very, very tough stuff going on this week. >> made one minor change to the talking points, dropped it by and produced by the c.i.a. and even prior to that, made very few -- had very few inputs on it. we would fully expect the investigation to be thorough and for corrections to be made in a case like this. i believe the irs has addressed that and has taken some action and there isen investigation ongoing. >> steve: that's right. by the fact that that came out this past week, peter, where jay carney said, we just changed one thing. well, there are 12 different versions of it! each version got further and further away. >> unfortunately, a real culture of the section has been revealed not only with regard to the
benghazi talking points, forget about what happened before. the death of these four americans, what a horror show. but a deception in terms of saying what the truth was and now the fact that the irs is targeted organizations that have the words constitution, bill of rights, tea party, patriot in their names, those folks should not become a suspect class. as congressman kucinich says, it comes from the top. it's a tone that's being set. the president has a lot to do this week to help restore confidence in our country, in our government because a lot of people are saying, how can this happen? how can this be so sad and so wrong? apparently for so long with regard to the irs and the tea party since 2011. >> steve: doesn't look like the white house can keep their stories straight. >> lots to do to keep our country strong. >> steve: great comments today. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, they refused to let their injuries stop them and our own anna kooiman is finding that out
right now, aren't you? >> absolutely. i'm taking on team army in wheelchair basketball coming up after the commercial break. let's see how i do. first shot ever. i clearly need some practice during the commercial break. over to you and "america's newsroom." >> thank you very much. coming up this morning, the irs scandal is widening. now word that more conservative and jewish groups were also the targets. the question, why did groups on the left apparently get a pass? how high up does this go? also will hillary clinton be heading back for more questioning on benghazi? general petraeus, what does he have to say? karl rove, brit hume, many others here this morning. we'll see you at the top of the hour with the new staples rewards program
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>> brian: special set of games to give back to knows who are wounded while serving our country at war. >> gretchen: and they're called the warrior games. for many veterans it's what helps them feel back to the way they used to be. >> steve: anna coyman is live at the air force academy in colorado springs with more. good morning to you. >> hey, hey. good morning to you and everybody at home. i'm here with the defending wheelchair basketball champions, team army. are you ready for a stellar pass? let the games begin. more than 200 ill and injured service members and veterans are participating. i'm not very good at this. it's a lot harder than it appear s. they're participate not guilty seven different sports from all branches of the military. joined by two sergeants, delvin masten and ryan macintosh. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you guys are pumped for the game. you say you're not nervous at all. you are the best. what do the warrior games mean to you? >> it means everything in the world to me. it gives me an opportunity to get back out and compete and meet some new friends and showcase some of our talent. >> i know it makes you feel like
you really care about the competition and camaraderie. talk about your injuries that have put you in chairs. >> well, in 2009, june, i became a right above the knee amputee. ever since then, 90 days after my injury, i began to play adaptive sports. >> how about you? >> i got hurt december 8, 2010 and immediately i started walking six weeks after injury and never stopped since. >> wow. you came back quick. were they ied injuries or what? >> i slipped on a pressure plate land mine in afghanistan in my first tour. >> i was home on leave from iraq and was in a hit and run accident. >> you guys are so impresssive. hats off to you. i want to see you have at it as well of. can you show me the way to turn? show me something on your way out and i'll follow you. are you kidding me? that was like clock work, too.
[ laughter ] yea! i got the ball! >> rebound! >> steve: that's bad. all right. anna kooiman out at the warrior games, got kicked off this weekend with prince harry. >> brian: i also don't believe that that was a pass, anna. i think that was your shot. i think that's great and i tell you what, they take their intensity from the battlefield and put it into sports. >> steve: they do seven different sports out there during the warrior games and it's across all of the branches of the military. very nicely done. >> gretchen: we'll be right back. ♪ we're gonna rock around the clock tonight ♪ ♪ we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one ♪ ♪ we're gonna rock around the clock tonight ♪ ♪ we're gonna rock [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> steve: jimmy conners has a tell all book. jack hannah drops by and brian will drop an animal. >> brian: probably. if it's slippery. >> gretchen: have a fantastic day, everyone. see you tomorrow. martha: thank you very much, you guys. we start with this fox news alert. there are new reports that the irs targeting of tea party groups may just be the beginning. according to "the wall street journal" in a story this the irs actually went way beyond the tea party. they focused on any groups using words like constitution and patriot in their scans. anybody that was not happy with the way that the country is being run. there is a look outside the irs building. and good morning to you, everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom.". >> happy monday morning, martha, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. of a the irs admitted to targeting any groups with the words tea party or patriot there are reports that the abuse went a whole lot further including groups that